Franck Kemkeng Noah (Cameroon, 1992)

Born in Yaoundé in 1992, Franck Kemkeng Noah graduates with a Master in Fine Arts from IBAF. In 2017, he moves to Amiens (France) and follows a second Master in Artistic Research. Soon, he starts painting on abandonned carpets. The discarded household objects he finds on the streets become a new support for a series of works which serve as narrative points in the history of migrations.

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Affirmation (2021) – Acrylique sur Toile, 100x130cm – 5’000 EUR HT

Possession de la Grand-Place (2021) – Acrylique sur Toile, 175x240cm – 8’500 EUR HT

Le Deuxième Palais (2021) – Acrylique sur Toile, 160x200cm – 7’500 EUR HT

Fission Koung Gang (2021) – Acrylique sur Toile, 110x135cm – 5’500 EUR HT

L’Assemblée des Sociétés Secrètes (2021) – Acrylique sur Toile, 130x160cm – 6’500 EUR HT

Protection Aveugle (2021) – Acrylique sur Toile, 160x130cm – 6’000 EUR HT

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